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Contains interactive articles about children's healthcare, medicine, surgery, and parenting. If your kids are fit they have more energy and can concentrate better on their school work.School is where children spend most of their time, and it is where we lay the foundation for healthy habits.I will like to share few things which parents can add to their kids schedule which will help them to stay fit and healthy health

Also, feel free to indulge in your favorite foods occasionally (variety is a great way to build excitement and a positive attitude towards nutrition), just don't compromise healthy eating right out of your routine!—always remember who decides the menu.

Hundreds of rural residents testified at public hearings across the state in the spring of 2015, with parents, teachers and health professionals calling for restrictions on child-harming chemicals and support for innovative healthy farming around schools.

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Current health articles are giving a lot of emphasis on the understanding of over the counter medicines and how to handle them properly. As part of this transformational journey, three modules of the Patient Safety Professional (PS Prof) course that were redesigned to make a clear connection between patient safety and high reliability principles debuted during the course offering in October 2016.

SAN FRANCISCO - University of California President Mark G. Yudof announced Friday that he is resigning in August for health reasons, ending a five-year stint in which he guided the 10-campus system through one of its worst financial crises and controversies over rising articles

While the Great Recession and other factors played a role in recent trends, the Council of Economic Advisers has found evidence that the reforms introduced by the ACA helped both slow health care cost growth and drive improvements in the quality of articles

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It was July when everything started to go haywire, and Katie Ball was fed up. An angry rash had been creeping across her torso for the past two months, and now her face was breaking out in boils. While there are several, large Physician practices in Michigan,Mid west also has the support of Midwest Health plan to support patients needs. In Novembers issue of consumers digest, Midwest Health plan was in 4th place in the state and 14th in the country out of a total of 600 news

And some rely on reports of flu-like illness from hospital emergency departments and from estimates from state and territorial health officials. That means that, local agencies that enforce housing policies can partner with health care systems to target pediatric asthma care,” Beck said in a hospital news release. This includes between 250,000 and 500,000 severe cases, resulting in hundreds of thousands of …

Researchers are working to better understand the value and benefit of complementary medicine in breast cancer. Philadelphia Integrative Medicine combines the best of conventional and alternative medicine to inspire you and give you the tools to care for yourself and be well. Alternative therapies investigated include acupuncture, nutrition, herbal medicine, spirituality, mind-body therapies, and energy medicine. BACH FLOWERS - A system of herbal medicine used mainly in the treatment of mood and emotional disorders.

Holistic medicine is a form of healing that considers the whole person - body, mind, spirit, and emotions - in the quest for optimal health and wellness. The practice of holistic medicine does not rule out the practice of allopathic medicine; the two can complement each other. Holistic medicine can also include natural supplements that cause the same changes as conventional drugs.

Most allopathic doctors will always believe that homeopathy has never ‘been proven scientifically' no …

People use Nootropics if they want to enhance their performance, improve their productivity and boost their cognitive functions. According to a recent study by Washington Post, most people want to live their lives to the fullest, Nootropics helps you reach your full potential. There are a lot of questions that that needs answers when we talk about Nootropics

"How much does the drug cost?"

"Is the drug safe?"

"What are the side-effect of this drug?"

These are the questions that need answers before deciding to use drugs like Nootropics. In this article, we will try to give answers to these questions to help you decide whether the drug is beneficial to you or not.

The track record

First, we have to know what this wonder drug is. According to Corneliu Giurgea, a drug expert and the designer of Piracetam, Nootropic drugs are a non-toxic drug that protects and repairs …