4 Sure-Fire Ways that Work for Weight Loss

Each of us have a different metabolic rate depending upon many different factors including age, gender, genetics, lifestyle, other medications, stress, current weight and many other things beside. The point is that you are unique and so is your metabolic rate. If you have ever started on a diet with a friend and watched as that same friend sheds pound after pound whilst you have worked harder and harder only to achieve a fraction of the results, then you will understand what I am talking about.

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Well, here is how our first tip works; change your metabolic rate. Do not accept what tools you have been given. In the same way we can get smarter, fitter and stronger than in the same way we can improve our metabolic rate. If we can increase the rate at which our body burns calories then we can not only improve the rate at which we lose weight but you will also find additional benefits such as increased energy, improved mood and greater concentration.

Improving your metabolic rate is one of the best ways you can help lose weight without even exercising.

Don’t Starve – this will be welcome news but it’s true, if you eat under 1000 calories a day then your body will believe you to be in danger of starving and begin to slow down your metabolic rate in order to preserve your fuel reserves (fat). As a result you will become lethargic, feel drained and your concentration levels will be very low. Now do you see why those crazy diets leave you feeling so low and don’t seem to work anyway?

Eat Breakfast it SERIOUSLY is the most important meal of the day! If you skip breakfast then your metabolism will begin to slow down. Think about it. If you haven’t eaten since 7 or 8 o’clock the previous evening then you have already starved your body for 10-12 hours. If you wait to fuel until lunchtime then your body will seriously wonder where the next meal is coming from. Miss breakfast at your peril!

Eat Little and Often – this is yet another trick to convincing your body that food is plentiful. If your body thinks food is plentiful then it has no reason to store it! Eating more regularly (every three to four hours) will maintain a stable level of blood sugar and a more even supply of energy. Be careful not to eat more during the day as a result of this. Don’t eat extra snacks, just spread out the food you would normally eat. If you have fruit and yogurt with lunch then have the fruit mid-morning and the yoghurt midafternoon.