4 Tips for Naturally Longer Lashes

It's been said that the eyes are the windows to the soul, but windows could always use some dressing up. Luscious, long lashes do more for the appearance of the eyes than almost anything else, and maintenance is the first step to thicker, longer lashes. Here are a few simple tips to promote maximum eyelash growth and protect the eyelashes.

Skip Waterproof Mascara

While waterproof mascaras have their merits, good eyelash health isn't one of its strong selling points. These mascaras are known to dry out the lashes and for being tough to remove. It's just not worth the damage it causes in most cases; most users would be advised to swap the waterproof mascara for a conditioning one. Finally, it's important to remove mascara in a downward motion to avoid lash breakage.

Give Lashes Some Breathing Room

Everyone needs an occasional break, and lashes do as well. If someone wears mascara every day and applies growth serum when they remove their makeup, their lashes could probably use some fresh air. It's important to spend a few hours each day with naked eyelashes, to allow them to breathe.

Don't Rub The Lashes—Tug Them

It's happened to everyone; an eye starts to itch as soon as mascara has been applied. While most people would simply rub the eye, there's a more effective solution. Tug one corner of the eye, whether or not one is wearing mascara. Everyone's eyes occasionally get itchy, and this little trick can preserve the delicate roots of the eyelashes.

Get Rid of Old Mascara

Most women aren't good with this rule, but it's an important one. Mascara is a perishable product with a short lifespan, and using it for longer than three months can increase the risk of infection and compromise the health of the eyelashes. Toss the old tube and spring for a new one!

There are many ways to preserve and grow the eyelashes, but this last tip is probably the most important. Everyone knows that what they eat influences the health of the skin and the body, but it can affect eyelash health as well. By supplying the body with the nutrients it needs, one can enjoy lush, long and healthy lashes for life.