Book Raises Alarms About Alternative Medicine

Massage is the method by which skin tissues are manipulated with the use of hands or special tools. The factor structure underlying this questionnaire explicitly addresses integrative, conventional, and relationship-focused dimensions, and can be used to track both individual changes in a student’s attitudes over time, as well as programmatic changes resulting from more comprehensive inclusion of curriculum material related to integrative medicine.alternative medicine

Note: Alternative medicine includes practices such as acupuncture , naturopathy, and chiropractic , as well as such therapies as chelation therapy, homeopathic remedies, and biofeedback There has been an explosion of interest in alternative medicine in recent years.alternative medicinealternative medicine

Since integrative medicine practitioners are often involved in exploring with patients choices among a variety of options that are not well studied, it is incumbent on these clinicians to be well versed in the critical thinking skills required to make decisions with an incomplete database.

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It is this realization that is allowing Alternative Medicine to not only enter mainstream modern medicine, but also to partner with Conventional Medicine in a new and profound way as one of many successful avenues of treatment available to today’s consumer of health.