Guide to Life Insurance for Those in Drug Treatment

So you’re sober and living a clean life, congratulations. The problem is, when you’re sober you start to realize all the things you neglected, like family. You may have thought about buying life insurance with to protect your family. Or maybe you’ve event tried, just to find out that the insurance company doesn’t believe in you as much as you do. Many times people who once dealt with addiction issues have to wait 5, 10, even fifth teen years before a company will insure their life. So what do you do while you’re waiting? You want to leave your family with as little stress as possible if something happens to you. Here enters guaranteed life insurance with.

How exactly does it protect your family members from financial spoil?

First, it’s ideal for anyone whose health or past history just isn’t just like it perhaps could be. Many times, such individuals don’t get the approval they require along with other forms of insurance coverage. Or they get an approval but get hit with a huge rate-up making the plan un-affordable and out of reach. With a guaranteed life insurance plan you do not need to be concerned about being approved.

No uncomfortable medical exams and concerns

Next, you not need to bother with having a physical exam. These types of exams can cause a rate up of your life insurance premiums, especially if you grapple with a life condition that is threatening. Where other kinds of plans make medical exams mandatory, with guaranteed issue you don’t need to concern yourself with any exams. Consequently, you (and your family) can spend more time on enjoying and producing valuable memories.

Third, policy holders never need to answer uncomfortable health questions. That ought to be obvious considering that medical exams are not relevant here. However, insurers whom ask medical questions and need medical exams usually need more info after you complete the tests. Anyone who may have taken these tests in the past knows just how easily things can show up which will judge your health condition with the insurer. You could have had a difficult time resting the night before or possibly had some bad news lately. Many of these things can skew your outcomes. Something as valuable as life assurance should really be available to everybody. Guarantee issue life insurance coverage can be acquired by all!

Seeing the cost these days for burial and funeral costs can cause concerns, you’d haven’t any concern or worries. Why? This insurance will take care of all costs accruing from your funeral and burial. The average price of a casket alone is $2,000. These kinds of costs could be very hard to handle for a family, particularly if your family is running on a tight budget and they just lost the bredwinner. Your condition may have exhausted your family’s finances making it even harder to raise the cash for funeral and burial.

Not For Everyone

It’s worth noting that guarantee issue life insurance coverage has a few drawbacks. The lack of medical exams makes it a costlier type of insurance if someone is in good health. Therefore, if you have few health issues and no history of drug and alcohol abuse be prepared to pay greater premiums than a plan that is fully underwritten. Nonetheless, regardless of your health and past it’s a known fact that payment to the beneficiary you listed is guaranteed and when you are considering guaranteed problem protection you likely have conditions that could exclude you against buying another kind of policy. Your family would not need to be worried about making countless follow-up trips to get the amount of money they deserve. It’s a very “cut and dry” process, a death record is typically all that’s needed for prompt payment.

Guarantee Issue Life Insurance is not for everyone. For those who are in good health and do not have a history of drugs and alcohol there are better options available. If however you have had some issues or are currently dealing with health issues, it is a great option for protecting your loved ones. To learn more about guarantee issue life coverage contact a life and health insurance agent like