Homeopathy Contains Alcohol And Can Be Sold To Minors.

Homeopathy is an alternative science that looks at the cause of a disease to battle it. It is not accepted by many mainstream scientists and doctors but is claimed by many to be a very effective and healing treatment. Like any other form of treatment, its use is as good as the practitioner delivering it. The modern Auricular Medicine application of homeopathy involves a sophisticated and comprehensive analytical approach, which involves multiple combinations of formulas, with multiple potencies.

Certification through the CHC requires that individuals submit proof of their training in general medical science, classical homeopathic medicine and clinical case evaluation and sit for an exam that covers both the theory and practice of homeopathic medicine ().homeopathic medicine

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But if you already have stomach cramps and vomiting (from a virus or food poisoning, or another cause) and your symptoms are similar to those that a larger dose of arsenic would produce, then arsenicum, a homeopathic remedy made from very, very tiny doses of arsenic, will cure your symptoms.homeopathic medicine

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