How To Prepare Your Anxious Child For An X-Ray

Most kids find themselves afraid of doctor’s offices. They usually find they go and get poked and prodded. When it comes to tests such as x-rays, you may find your child being extra scared and anxious. It can be intimidating for even the bravest adults. Once you search online and look for an imaging center near me, you will find many options. Choose a reputable center to take your nervous child to, such as the one found at

Practice Beforehand

Typically, the more a child understands what is going to happen, the better they will be able to handle the situation. For x-rays, ask them to practice things like standing still and holding their breath for a few seconds. Make it fun and get them used to these activities before taking them to their appointment. If you want to be more creative, act out the scenario with one of their favorite stuffed animals.


A couple of great teaching tools to prepare your child for x-ray exams are books and online videos. Check your local library to see if there are books to ease a child’s fear of exams. You may also be able to find videos of other children getting their x-rays done online. When your child sees the actual process done by another kid around their age, it will help to put their mind at ease and see there is nothing to worry about.

Download Apps

There are some apps available to download that help those who are afraid of x-rays and other exams. These apps give information about how each piece of equipment works and offers advice for getting through an appointment.

If all else fails, many kids will do their best when they know there is a special prize waiting for them after a successful appointment. In time, they will see there was nothing to worry about and getting an x-ray is a simple procedure. Most imaging centers will allow parents into the room with their children to help keep their fears and anxiety in check.