The Importance Of Health Care Coverage In America Today

Gain advice and support to combat unprecedented demand and financial pressures, meet operational and strategic challenges, deliver STPs and adopt new care models and technologies. They also include the services of professionals in residential and community settings in support of self care , home care , long-term care , assisted living , treatment for substance […] Read More
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Mental Health America Of South Carolina

Mental health related issues in America has long been an area in healthcare that has often been overlooked. Our department – the only department dedicated to mental health in a school of public health – brings together leading researchers across multiple disciplines joined by their passion for understanding, preventing, and treating mental health and substance use disorders.mental health

Blaming anything other than the individual choices (e.g. the look of the gun because it had a handle on the front of it, or Saturday Morning Cartoon violence) for violent crime is never going to give us the results we want, or even address the real issue: that people make choices and do what they want to because they want to, even through the fog of mental illness.

Mental health is a socially constructed and socially d...

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