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Scientific Link Between Vitamin D Deficiency and Cancer by More Studies Link Vitamin D Deficiency With Asthma. Many people suffer from anxiety and stress at one time or another and research has found that the B complex vitamin can be beneficial in helping alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and stress. An ‘expiration date’ is most often applied to medicane, vitamins and supplements.vitamins

Those who have had a heart attack in the past are always encouraged to add more vitamin E to their diet. You should only take vitamins with the guidance of a medical professional to prevent overdose. Vitamin C – Protects against immune deficiencies, cardiovascular disease, cancer, eye disease, strokes, and even skin wrinkling. People who get little sunlight, often because of skin cancer concerns, may have a vitamin D deficiency. There are other missing B vitamins which were reclassified or determined not to be vitamins.vitamins

Vitamin A supplements …

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