The Secret To Good Health Is Simple

You win some and you lose some is a common phrase, one that the coffee bean recently experienced in regards to women’s health. So we were skeptical about weight loss claims, but the report we read from Health News 7 sounded so promising. In other good news, some studies have shown that just as masturbation […] Read More
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The Secret To Good Health Is Simple (1)

Regular exercising is a blind spot to a great number of us. There are those who know the importance of exercising must be acknowledged, but the pity is that as they begin practicing programs on exercising they abandon them just after a couple of months. Regular walking helps teenagers quit smoking – teenagers who walk for 20 minutes a day may find it easier to give up smoking, researchers from the George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services reported in the Journal of Adolescent Health (April 2013 issue).health news

I’m passionate about health and fitness and I’ve researched and implemented many ‘healthy eating’ regimes over the past 10 years and this is the one which makes the most sense and helped me knock an hour off of my marathon-running time (3:48 by the way 😉 ), a...

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