Homeopathic Medicine Under FDA Fire

As Director of the Western College of Homeopathic Medicine, I look forward to seeing you join the dynamic group of homeopaths emerging from this programme of study. Most laypeople are not trained in homeopathy, so homeopathic formulas provide a user friendly” way for people to used these natural medicines. The principle of the single remedy states that a single medicine should cover all the symptoms the patient is experiencing: mental, emotional and physical. Not knocking this area of medical genius, but conventional medicine does not own the theatre of health care…not by a long shot. In 1993, The New England Journal of Medicine reported that 2.5 million Americans used homeopathic remedies and 800,000 patients visited homeopaths in 1990, and it has continued to grow. Some practitioners participate in apprenticeships with experienced homeopathic practitioners.homeopathic medicine

Get A to Z of ailments/diseases and their recommended homeopathic medicine either alphabetically or company wise. There …

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