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Reasons to Use Electronic Health Records

Computers are now being used by health providers and doctors to store health records. This is possible through secure networks that enable them access the medical records electronically at any location. The chance of medical error is lower with the electronic records and also it is not easy for one to do the same test twice. Generally, it will improve your quality of care and keep the records up-to-date with your health condition.

You are now in a better position to manage your own health because you will be keeping track of it. You will be able to view the results and review the instructions and also be able to check for errors. Electronic health records usually eliminate the risk of files being misfiled or getting lost which is a common problem with manual files. Other people will also not be able to access your records even if they get lost because they are password protected. You do not need to worry that anyone can get access to your files as you determine the parties allowed to see the records. Some of the systems will even let you interact with the doctors at the comfort of your home or office making life more convenient. These interactive systems allow you to make appointments with the doctors as well as ask any questions you might have.

It is worth noting that a provider cannot deny you a copy of your records because you have not paid for the services received. As long as you request for the records, the provider is required by the law to provide you with it to the extent it is readily producible. Personal health records are now helping more and more people manage their health. Standalone and tethered are the two kinds of personal health records available. Filling information from the records you personally have is what is referred to as standalone personal record.

Only the people you allow access to the personal health records are the ones going to be able to view them. The health care provider might also have their own record system and this is known as the tethered personal health record system. The info is accessible through a secure portal and the patient is also able to see their whole medical history. The benefit to the health provider is that the electronic health records improve the productivity and efficiency which enables them achieve their business goals. The health care provider will also be able to reduce their costs through the decreased amount of paperwork. They will also be lesser prone to the risk of unsafe prescribing as they are able to carefully follow the medical history of the patient.
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