3 Reasons to Take Medicaid if You’re Deemed Eligible

Many low-income individuals are eligible for Medicaid without even realizing it. In many cases, these people are either paying a substantial portion of their income for private insurance or simply going without any form of health coverage. Fortunately, determining your eligibility couldn’t be easier. You can do this by visiting your state’s Medicaid website, calling your local welfare office or heading over to HealthCare.gov. Furthermore, if you’re found to be eligible, there are a number of good reasons to accept coverage.

1. Your Options Are Limited

When looking into insurance plans for which they qualify on HealthCare.gov, people who are eligible for Medicaid aren’t going to find any other options. If the site deems you eligible for Medicaid after all the pertinent info has been input, your options are as follows: receive Medicaid coverage or purchase a private insurance plan without the help of any subsidies. Couple this with the fact that being without coverage also puts you at risk for fines, and there’s no good reason not to take Medicaid.

2. It’s Accepted By Many Providers

Medicaid is also accepted by a wide range of hospitals and private healthcare facilities. Of course, before seeking treatment at a certain facility, it’s in your best interest to confirm that they’re Medicaid-compliant. In addition, Medicaid also covers an expansive array of treatments. Depending on your state and Medicaid H.M.O., it may pay for everything from basic checkups to important procedures like high resolution ultrasound and various surgeries. In some states, Medicaid even extends to dental coverage and mental health.

3. You’ll Have Peace of Mind

Nothing is worse than needing healthcare and being unable to afford it. While it’s true that uninsured individuals can walk into any E.R. and receive treatment, the exorbitant bills they’re subsequently faced with prevent many people from seeking medical attention. On the flip side, having Medicaid coverage will provide you with tremendous peace of mind and enable you to seek treatment whenever something is amiss with your health. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about the monthly premiums synonymous with private insurance plans.

Despite the welfare shaming that’s become all-too-rampant in parts of the U.S., no one should feel bad about receiving Medicaid. In fact, without this valuable social safety net, countless Americans would lack any sort of health coverage. With this in mind, it’s in the best of everyone who qualifies for Medicaid coverage to accept it.