Can Appetite Suppressants Work for You?

When you’re first embarking upon a weight loss regimen, appetite suppressants can be very useful. Diet supplements can help you curtail your cravings for empty calories; many supplements also contain substances that help speed up your metabolism so that you’ll burn the calories you do take in more efficiently. There’s a certain amount of embarrassment associated with buying appetite suppressants at your local pharmacy, though. When you buy appetite suppressants online, on the other hand, the transaction is completely confidential.

The Science of Weight Loss

The formula for losing weight is a simple one: Take in fewer calories than your body uses. There are two basic approaches here: You can keep the rate at which you burn calories the same and simply cut back on the number of calories you ingest, or you can increase your level of physical activity, which will increase the rate at which you burn calories, without changing your intake of calories. Most dieters combine these two approaches by cutting back somewhat on their calories while increasing their activity levels modestly.

Either way you approach it, you will not lose weight without depriving your body of calories. Your body will respond to that deprivation with feelings of hunger. Using appetite suppressants will take the edge off these hunger pangs. This will give your body time to adjust to the lifestyle changes you’ll need to make if you really want to shed pounds.

Motivating Yourself to Lose Weight

While slow, steady weight loss may be healthiest, for many people who weigh significantly more than the ideal weight for their height and body type, one of the biggest threats to weight loss is despair. However hard they may be struggling to stay on their diet, they’re not seeing the results they want to see when they step on that bathroom scale.

For people in this situation, appetite suppressants can be very useful because these types of supplements expedite weight loss. They yield quick results. When dieters are able to loosen the notches on their belts after a few weeks of eating less, they will be more motivated to stick with their weight loss plan in the long run.

Studies examining the role that appetite suppressants play in weight loss find that dieters using these supplements can expect to lose between 5 and 10 percent of their total weight loss goal. This is a significant amount of weight! Moreover, many of them may also see positive changes in their overall health status. Their blood pressure may go down, and they may find it easier to exercise. Increased activity levels will aid in their subsequent weight loss.

How Do Appetite Suppressants Work?

Appetite suppressants work in a variety of ways. While some target the gut by producing a sensation of fullness, others are designed to affect receptors within the brain by increasing the rate at which these receptors uptake serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter associated with feelings of well-being.

That sense of well-being can be triggered in other ways, too, which is why many diet guides recommend turning meals into ceremonial occasions that will help you enjoy the physical act of eating. Eating too quickly can also result in overeating. A 2009 study published in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism found that gobbling your meals might actually have an inhibitory effect on the release of hormones that can help you feel satiated.

Some appetite suppressants are manufactured in laboratories while others are prepared from natural ingredients found in fruits and vegetables. Scientists have found that incorporating fresh herbs and aromatic seasonings such as basil, coriander and ginger into your diet can actually help you eat less.

Before you begin using appetite suppressants to augment your weight loss regimen, it’s important to speak with your physician. This is true even when you’re purchasing the suppressants you need over the internet. Your physician can discuss guidelines with you that will allow you to use these supplements safely.