Cutting Edge In Medicine

Alternative medicine practices are used instead of standard medical treatments. However, confidence in the enterprise of medical research itself was undermined seriously in April 1994 when the Chicago Tribune reported that one of the participating research physicians had falsified information about the patients he entered in the lumpectomy study, as well as those in a concurrent study, on the use of tamoxifen, a drug used in hormone therapy for breast cancer survivors.

Since most medical treatments for sleep disorders are only for people that have been diagnosed with a serious sleeping disorder most people that have sleeping problems turn to alternative medicine for treatment of their sleeping problems instead of opting for sleeping pills.alternative medicine

Energetically our bodies give us these signs on a daily basis; such things as feeling tired, drained, weak, anxious, stressed, and many other warning signs for us to pay attention to. We are constantly running from point A to point B on any given day that we ignore some of the basics that are literally put in front of us until our energy is so drained, weak, and scattered that we turn to medical doctors and then alternative holistic healing for help.

Some alternative medicine seminars are geared toward promoting healthier lifestyles and better nutritional concepts; while others present advanced and continuing education classes in glyconutrients, massage therapy, yoga, Tai chi, qigong and herbal remedies.alternative medicine

Saxe, who said his university is offering the Natural Healing and Cooking Program for doctors, medical students, and others interested in understanding the effects of dietary patterns on health and illness, likens the current boom in integrative medicine in the United State to China’s response to its current energy crisis.alternative medicine