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Applying the Time Tested Sous Vide Cooking Method in Your Kitchen

The lay person may not be familiar with what is termed in French as sous vide, a method of cooking now gaining hold in many homestead kitchens. There is no secrecy involved in sous vide, although this has been the practice in restaurants and among chefs that has enabled them to prepare luscious meals. With the popularity of cooking shows that have brought hundreds of home cooks into the limelight, interest in unusual ways of cooking have come about, and sous vide particularly has captured the attention of many.

Many home cooks who are also farming their own vegetables and raising their own animals for meat are turning to this old method of cooking in order to preserve food as well as achieve a level of cooking and keeping the flavor of food, especially meat, which is just not achieved through the common means as frying.

The cooking method called sous vide, as the term implies, involves cooking food in a water bath after it has been vacuum-packed in plastic while the temperature is kept the same all throughout the cooking process, from an hour up to days. The method allows food to cook evenly and more tastily without overdoing the outer layer or getting it dry.
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Those who are not well acquainted with the process may dismiss it as a fad without finding out the advantages of the sous vide cooking method.
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A few are skeptical about the method, putting it down as just another of those seasonal things that have come out. But trust the experts who have been doing it all this time and achieving perfection every opportunity they get. It might help to realize that this method has been in use since the ancient times, when people have had to use their creativity and know-how to discover ways of preserving food quality and flavor even without refrigeration. Some people have used leaves and other naturally available materials to wrap and store food in, cooking them in these wrappers.

Here are advantages that home cooks have discovered in using the approach of sous vide.

1. Everyone knows that when food is sealed in a plastic containers devoid of air it keeps longer. When raw or uncooked food is left out in the air, it begins to rot by degrees. The vacuum seal helps to preserve the freshness of food. The method also packs in the natural moisture from the food itself.

2. The food stays flavorful because the natural juices are kept inside, and being cooked sous vide cooks it equally on all layers.

3. The controlled temperature allows even cooking through all layers. Cooks do not need to stress and slave in the kitchen by constantly having to worry about whether the outer layers of the food are becoming overcooked while the inside stays raw. With the worry over temperature out of their hands, cooks will not need to waste time looking after the cooking but can instead go on with other concerns in the kitchen. More creative pursuits can now be attended to.

4. Cooking can achieved exactly as desired without a hitch.

So, are you interested to try this method yourself? Take a look at the equipment you can use for this method.