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Advantages of Employing a Whole Body Vibration Machine Vibration machines provide neuromuscular training to improve muscular strength, power, and balance. There’s a platform on the machine where you can stand or sit. The user can control the speed level of the vibrations and the length of time that they spend on the machine depending on their particular needs and fitness level. As the frequency levels increase, the intensity of the vibrations also go higher. One also can use to machine to do un-weighted strength exercises like push-ups and squats. One of the advantages of utilizing a whole body shaking machine is the fact that when one does isometric exercises, they experience muscle development. Everyone including the aged can profit tremendously from these type of exercises. If you experience knee osteoarthritis, you can enhance your muscle strength by doing exercises in positions such as dips, squats, and lunges for 1 minute to a minute and a half three times a week. Whole body vibration helps people with different disabilities who cannot do regular strength training exercises. They can help to strengthen their muscles in addition to receiving other advantages with little impact on their joints or stress on their cardiovascular system. People that suffer from Parkinson’s disease or the ones that have multiple sclerosis may also make use of this machine to increase their stability, strength, flexibility, and balance. Even the aged can use vibration exercise training to boost their quality and quantity of life by using whole body vibration three times a week or even more.
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When doing vibration exercises, the synovial fluid is released into the joints which results in lubrication that improves movement. Stiff joints can relax as you exercise which loosens the stiff muscles, and thus you can move more freely. Healing can occur as the increased circulation pumps oxygenated blood to joints that are damaged. That is the reason there are very different approaches where the whole body vibration increases the range of motion and flexibility while decreasing joint pain.
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There is a concern among many post-menopausal women of decreasing bone density. Nevertheless, with whole body vibration training, this doesn’t need to be the case. Research has shown that the deterioration can be reduced with whole body training. This lowers the danger of the occurrence of osteoporosis because of the aftereffects of post menopause. After an intense workout session, one can feel exhausted and can experience soreness and stiffness the next day. Nevertheless, one can recover from these effects by utilizing the whole body vibration machine following the exercise. The machine helps to massage your tired legs after sitting or standing for long and helps rest the calves quickly providing you with the much-needed aid. Vibration exercise helps to increase the lymphatic drainage which in turn cleanses the toxins from the body.