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Alberta Health Services provides weekly health and wellness articles as a way to help all Albertans live a healthy life. Conditions like a Frozen Shoulder (Adhesive Capsulitis), Shoulder Impingement, Bursitis and Tendonitis can all greatly benefit from a protocol of specific internal and external rotation exercises to restore the cuff, reducing inflammation naturally, eliminating the need for drugs and pain, while slashing recovery times to weeks, not months.

Like PACT’s community health workers, the coaches are recruited from within the community and speak the patients’ language, often connecting more successfully than doctors might about patients’ true difficulties and helping them identify realistic solutions.

Similarly, in sub-Saharan Africa, Mothers2Mothers trains and employs new mothers with HIV, who work side by side with doctors and nurses in health care facilities and are responsible for ensuring that patients understand and adhere to antiretroviral treatments and other prescribed interventions.

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A recent study at the Dimock Center, a Boston community health center, found that Health Leads increased the clinic social worker’s ability to provide reimbursable therapeutic services to children by 169 percent, improving the quality of care while generating additional revenue for the health articles