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Both Hawaii and Massachusetts have implemented some incremental reforms in health care, but neither state has complete coverage of its citizens. Yes, this is one of those rare cases where you’ll see me saying that some Korean institution is being discriminatory by not providing adequate language services in health care in order to give the same level of service (including acceptance of NHIC) that a Korean speaker would

The Commission works in collaboration with jurisdictions, the private hospital and primary care sectors, the Australian Digital Health Agency , the National Health CIO Forum, and other national bodies to promote the safety and quality agenda within national E-Health programs.

Mr Fox-Smith, managing director of US giant Johnson and Johnson’s Australian subsidiary focused on medical devices, called on the sector to unite as one voice to fight what he said was a push by private health insurers to cut the price of the devices they

An exodus of policyholders which threatens to slowly undermine the long-term profits of Australia’s largest health insurer, Medibank Private, has prompted the firm to roll out the first of several new carrots to try to rebuild faith in its products and service and win back customers.

The Public Health Association of Australia (PHAA) and Chronic Disease Network of the Northern Territory became the latest groups to add their displeasure over the plebiscite at their combined annual conference, with a unanimous resolution to call on Parliament to can the