Holistic Medicine And Alternative Therapies

The following is the Holistic Health” chapter from the critically acclaimed book, The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Body-Mind Disciplines, published by The Rosen Publishing Group in 1999 and presented here with permission. There has been great reluctance to give full support, however, as much of the conventional health care establishment is so wedded to many approaches and technologies that have not proven their merit or superiority to holistic medicine practices. For instance, the use of herbs is practiced all over the world since a long time ago; whether in India as ayurvedic medicine, in China as traditional Chinese medicine or used as aromatherapy which can be traced back to ancient Egyptian times. They taught doctors through Hippocrates until the 1900’s what part of the tongue addresses what part of the body and they read your tongue.holistic medicineholistic medicine

My times with holistic medicine outside of nutrition based stuff and home remedies were very short and sporadic, as it is usually quite expensive. However, some people criticize Holistic Medicine and some recommend applying it in modern practices. We also offer some of the newest and most exciting breakthroughs in holistic healing, such as low energy neurofeedback system (LENS) and TrueRife technology. A thesis is optional in the Master of Natural Health Sciences Degree Program, but is required for the Master of Arts Degree Program.

Experts recommend applying Holistic techniques in the traditional allopathic medicine. In my opinion, a holistic approach is better in almost every case for almost every person. It is important to note that, even though you may experience fewer side effects with holistic medicine, you don’t choose to forgo traditional medicine, but add holistic practices to it.

Being one of the foremost educational institutions for Natural Medicine in the world through distance learning, practical training and clinical externship. A holistic medicine course prepares you with various elements of alternative medical system such as naturopathy, nutrition, anatomy, psychology, etc. The National Institute of Integrative Medicine (NIIM) is looking for Integrative GPs and Medical Specialists to join our fast-growing NIIM Clinic.holistic medicine

Additional research is anticipated to continue to confirm that integrative health and medicine support the triple aim to improve the experience of care, to improve the health of populations, and to reduce the per capita costs of health care. And, in some cases wind up being treated with the herbs from which the modern medicine was derived. We can not be sure that Alternative Medicine is effective according to some studies made. Thus, integrative holistic practitioners support the work of western medical professionals by using herbs and acupressure to enhance western based therapies so that clients get the best of both worlds. The holistic medicine approach focuses on treating your whole being – body and mind – to help you feel better.