How to Take Nootropics Responsibly

People use Nootropics if they want to enhance their performance, improve their productivity and boost their cognitive functions. According to a recent study by Washington Post, most people want to live their lives to the fullest, Nootropics helps you reach your full potential. There are a lot of questions that that needs answers when we talk about Nootropics

“How much does the drug cost?”

“Is the drug safe?”

“What are the side-effect of this drug?”

These are the questions that need answers before deciding to use drugs like Nootropics. In this article, we will try to give answers to these questions to help you decide whether the drug is beneficial to you or not.

The track record

First, we have to know what this wonder drug is. According to Corneliu Giurgea, a drug expert and the designer of Piracetam, Nootropic drugs are a non-toxic drug that protects and repairs the brain cells that are damaged caused by toxins and harmful drugs. It is considered a smart and amazing Neuro-enhancer drug and this includes Modafinil and Adderall. Nootropics are extracted from plant ingredients and are used safely for more than a thousand years. Take, for example, Bacopa Monnieri or Brahmi is known to be used as medicine by ancient Hindus and can be found in ancient Sanskrit texts. It is said that the drug is used by religious people to help them memorize thousands of religious passages.

Our body produces Nootropics called Piracetam. It is a cyclic derivative which is produced throughout our body especially our brain.

According to big pharmaceutical companies and mainstream medical groups, most Nootropic doesn’t have proper research and are not suitable for public consumption even by animals.


The problem with drug researches, most of it is made in other countries not named the United States. Which means the language use is sometimes not English which is difficult to include in databases of western journals in medicine like or PubMed. But for people who use the drugs, saying the drug is ineffective and dangerous is unfair. Just like any drug available on the market, it also has side-effects. Each Nootropic substance has different effects on our body and in our brain. Factors to be considered when we are talking about side-effects are the dosage of the drug, the age of the user, complications and contraindications, the duration of the dosage and the frequency of use.

The term “Your Milage May Vary” is prevalent in Nootropic circles. Which means that every person has a unique bio-chemistry that affects our body when we use the drug. The food we eat, the water we drink, the environment we live in, the air we breathe and even the genetic make-up of our family are factors that affect our body when we use it.

Neurohackers or people who use Nootropics have no problems using the drug for many years. It also does not affect their cognitive function in case they stop using it. Some use it as drug supplements, but others used it as a treatment for specific diseases.

Potential Side-Effects

The drug alters the brain functions which include circulation of the blood in the brain, Neuroreceptors, neurotransmitters and hormone levels. It also affects the most fundamental and critical functions of our brain cells that include the cell membrane, the mitochondria, and the DNA.    It can also act as a free radical scavenger or antioxidant killers. The drug can also shrink or expand specific part of our brain due to constant alteration in our brain chemistry even if you discontinue the use of the drug.

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Drug Contraindication

Many drugs that we use for cognitive enhancement can interact with conventional prescription drugs. That is the reason why most Nootropic drugs should include warning signs included in their side-effect section. There are some pretty severe adverse reactions when using nootropic drugs. The best way to avoid this is always to read the labels and precautions provided by the pharmaceutical companies or do your research online. If you are planning to mix it with other prescription drugs, better ask your doctor for medical advice. In case you feel something different after taking it together with an over-the-counter medication, always ask your doctor for help.

Drug Withdrawal

Most Neurohackers don’t experience drug withdrawal symptoms after using the drug. Nootropics are very safe to use without the risk of withdrawal symptoms. Nootropics like Phenibut and Nicotine can induce withdrawal-like symptoms when taken, so it is still essential to read forum comments, reviews, and journals to know what Nootropics are safe for you to use.

In conclusion, this kind of drugs is very safe to use for human consumption. Most have no adverse effect or don’t develop cognitive problems when used long-term. But it is still the user’s responsibility to use the drug safely. Always read the manual and drug reviews to know what the other user’s experience is. Always follow what the doctors recommended daily dosage and if possible, start with the lowest dose to understand how our body reacts to it. The dosage is essential when it comes to Neurohacking. It is based on years of experimentation and experience.