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7 Benefits of Buying Anabolic Steroids with Bitcoins You have endless options that you can use when buying anabolic steroids from an online merchant. The use of bitcoins as payment methods has, over the years, gained popularity with many people who wish to make online purchases. Here are the top 7 advantages that will accrue if you buy steroids with bitcoins. When you buy anabolic steroids with bitcoins, the privacy levels that result are simply unmatched. Discreet shopping is what many shoppers aspire to achieve in their online purchases, and it becomes even more important when buying anabolic steroids. With many bitcoin wallets offering them through debit and credit cards, your anonymity will be concealed even when you use such cards. Buying anabolic steroids using popular money transfer services involves costs that are over and above the purchase prices of the products. With bitcoins, you will not have to worry about such additional expenses.
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Unlike money transfer services that take a few days for confirmation to be effected, your bitcoin purchase will process immediately. That means that you will get your steroids faster since their shipment will take place as soon as you complete the ordering process.
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Bitcoins are an international currency, meaning that you can buy from whatever eCommerce store you prefer. A majority of anabolic steroid merchants allow payments using bitcoins, and that ensures that your purchase process will not be marred by nuisances. The reason is that bitcoins are now very popular the world over. There are no chargebacks with bitcoins, which makes it tough for fraudsters to retrieve them. With credit and debit cards, on the other hand, you are always susceptible to fraudulent transactions of all types. Therefore, buying anabolic steroids with bitcoins allows your payments the protection needed. Unlike in alternative payment options where your payments can easily be interrupted by third parties, transacting with bitcoins does not expose you to such risks. Therefore, there can never be a freeze of your bitcoin account or wallet. It is such an advantage that gives you the freedom to buy anabolic steroids from any source. This feature makes your steroids cheap also because the lack of third party interference makes it impossible to charge sales tax on your purchase. To get this amazing currency, visit a bitcoin homepage. Next, you will purchase bitcoins using a debit or credit card before you send them to your wallet. When at the homepage of an anabolic steroid merchant, you will be required to transfer the currency from your wallet to that of the steroid seller. Further details on how to effect such a transfer can be accessed on the seller’s website.