Our Most Popular Health News Articles For 2016 (1)

Current health articles are giving a lot of emphasis on the understanding of over the counter medicines and how to handle them properly. As part of this transformational journey, three modules of the Patient Safety Professional (PS Prof) course that were redesigned to make a clear connection between patient safety and high reliability principles debuted during the course offering in October 2016.

SAN FRANCISCO – University of California President Mark G. Yudof announced Friday that he is resigning in August for health reasons, ending a five-year stint in which he guided the 10-campus system through one of its worst financial crises and controversies over rising tuition.health articles

While the Great Recession and other factors played a role in recent trends, the Council of Economic Advisers has found evidence that the reforms introduced by the ACA helped both slow health care cost growth and drive improvements in the quality of care.health articles

CHWs can help health care systems overcome shortages of human and financial resources by providing high-quality, low-cost services to community members in their homes and by diagnosing diseases in their early stages, before they become more dangerous and expensive to treat.health articles

It is by no means a new discovery that poverty and poor health are linked, or that health resources are more likely to be used if they are offered conveniently to the recipients, or that a goal as complex and ambitious as health” can be effectively pursued only with a multidisciplinary team of workers.