Principles Of Holistic Medicine

Treatments of conditions through means not generally used in conventional medicine is called alternative medicine. It is considered a Complementary or Alternative Medical system in much of the western world while remaining as a form of primary care throughout most of Asia. More medicine is administered than necessary, people are hospitalized unnecessarily, and doctors prescribe drugs instead of healthy lifestyle choices. Some of these (courses) may include career training opportunities to become licensed acupuncturists, doctors of chiropractic and the like. The last thing you should know is that there is no scientific evidence that alternative medicine is effective. There is a distinction between complimentary medicine and alternative medicine. Alternative medicine courses that are extended through a variety of Oriental medicine schools may include training in Tuina (Chinese Medical Massage), Oriental medicine, herbology and even acupuncture.alternative medicinealternative medicine

While frequently associated with alternative medicine, it is also increasingly used in mainstream medical practice as part of a broad view of patient care. Alternative medicine s are generally natural methods of treatment and hence they are considered to be pure and safe.

Cancer patients, in particular, should know that using complementary therapies could interfere with, and in certain cases even destroy, the benefits of traditional treatment. Medicine itself can be looked at as an integrated whole that is composed of opposites – Yin and Yang – whether Eastern vs. Western, conventional vs. alternative, medicines and herbs vs. energetic medicine… all comprising a unified whole: MEDICINE. Losing weight rapidly and unexpectedly, dark feces and cramping are just a few of the symptoms of colon cancer.

So why would it be okay to send someone to a homeopath who’s prescribing sugar pills?” And he points out that alternative treatments can have far-reaching consequences for the patient’s perception of traditional doctors. Integrative medicine offers an approach to the practice of medicine that addresses many of the concerns of the IOM, MSOP, the public, and physicians. They found that 59 million Americans paid for some sort of alternative or complementary treatment in 2012 ‘” an average of $500 per person.alternative medicine

Another thing I did notice about Ayurvedic medicine is that is based on a vegetarian diet which would be on the alkaline side rather than the acid contents of sugar based products and meat. If you’d like to become an alternative medicine therapist or practitioner, Holistic Junction offers a vast array of alternative medicine schools from which you may choose to enroll. In general, the term alternative therapy ” refers to any health treatment not standard in Western medical practice.