Sexual Health

Dr. Rachel Inker is a Vermont physician leader in access to comprehensive and affirming health care services for the transgender community. You want to find a clinic that can handle anything from a basic physical needed for a job to the diagnosis of a major illness. Your parent or guardian (for most students), will receive a bill from Waverly Health Center for co-payments, deductibles and other charges not covered by insurance. Tribal citizens are the priority population for services and are encouraged to receive services through the Clinic. If for any reason this is not the case and you feel uncomfortable, then immediately move on and find another fertility clinic.

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The Office of Counseling Services provides mental health counseling for students needing help working through and overcoming personal problems. And there is even a system to identify the clinic’s compliance to health insurance and accreditation requirements. Many of these hospitals provide VIP or foreigners’ clinics where the most sophisticated medical technology and English-speaking staff are available.

The good value of medical treatment is topped up with high-quality service: foreign patients in Bulgaria have a wide choice of doctors and clinics because in the mid-1990s many of the best physicians in the country, disappointed with their low state salaries, set up private surgeries and clinic