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Good Physical Appearance is a Must-have in Society Today In this day and age, physical attributes or appearances of a specific person is considered as one of the necessity of every individual from all over the world for reasons that it became one of the basis of other individuals to define the character or personality of another individual and that is one of the reasons why a person became conscious of how others see them as a human being. Physical appearance includes the features of the face and the body of an individual and the first thing that an individual will see to another person could be their clothes, nose, hair and figure. There are possible cases that are mainly considered as the result of the changes in the physical attributes of an individual, such as bad habits, unhealthy lifestyles and heredity. There are different types of changes in the physical characteristics of a person such as natural changes like weight gain, development of diseases and hair loss, body deformation and accidents like amputation, mutilation, subdermal implants, scars, burns and wounds and lastly, is body modification or alterations like subdermal implants, scarification, piercings and tattoos. Plastic and cosmetic surgeries arepopularly done nowadays, which can help a certain individual to improve and restore their physical attributes with the help of medical personnel and cosmetic or plastic surgeons or doctors. Obesity is one of the common health problems in our society, nowadays, in which the individuals who are obese are weighing more than their supposedly appropriate BMI or body mass index, which is the measure of the body fats which is based on the individual’s height and weight. People that are obese are strictly advised by their doctors or physician to do weight loss because obesity is in risk of different types of diseases like arthritis, stroke, heart diseases, blood clots, hypertension, cancers and diabetes. Losing weight can be done either surgically or non-surgically like weight loss surgery which is also called as gastric banding, obesity surgery, bypass surgery or bariatric surgery and eating health foods, go on a strict diet and going to the gym. Hair loss is also one of the common health issues in our society and is common to aging, which can be caused by hereditary, medical conditions, medications or hormonal changes, and the affected part may be the entire body or only the scalp area in which there are occurrences of losing hair. There are various kinds of treatments that can be done to help people that has hair loss problems, such as surgical procedures like hair transplant surgery and restoration of hair, medication such as pills and creams or liquid form which the individual will apply to his scalp by rubbing and laser therapies, while hairpieces and wigs is an alternate method of treatment for hair loss patients which is non-surgical and is much cheaper than surgeries.

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