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As the autumn leaves fall from the trees, we can spot the stereotypical signs of winter – the sun low in the sky, shops putting up decorations… a sudden queasy feeling in the pit of the stomach. The number of stressed people is actually increasing and the effects of stress in a person are also adding up. With more people feel stressed, there are others that consider stress as a common situation in their life but they do not see that they are risking their health too much when they simply let stress take over their news

The National MS Society’s Partners in MS Care program has again recognized UC Irvine Health as a provider of exceptional and innovative patient care by recertifying it as an official Center for MS Comprehensive Care. More comprehensive tracking is not possible with current resources and medical record-keeping, some public health advocates news

Health officials had previously counted lab-confirmed cases, though the tally was skewed because many people who got sick never were tested. Caring for HIV-positive teenagers, health officials say, is more difficult than caring for children or even adults.

The Wheeling-Ohio County Health Department and the Belmont County Heath Department have received their shipments and distributed the vaccine to local hospitals. Open enrollment is the period when people can make changes to their health plans for the coming year. While the Institute of Medicine recommends a conservative 600 IU, The Endocrine Society—and most doctors—deem up to 2,000 IU daily to be safe. But Abrazo Health and the Phoenix Fire Department are hoping free clinics can help change that. A hospital is a health care institution providing patient treatment by specialized staff and equipment. In this newsletter we provide a step-by-step guide to getting off hormone replacement therapy without making your life news

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