The Medical School Admission Process

When considering a career as a doctor, you will find that the medical school admission requirements are more then grades that you make in undergraduate classes. Cumulative undergraduate and science GPAs, graduate coursework and earned degrees, academic rigor, letters of recommendation, personal statement, supplemental essays, medical experience, humanitarian and community service, employment history, leadership and other diverse life experiences are also part of the admission committee’s decisions.

It is still a foreign country though, and its customs and culture are different than what most North Americans are used to. Most people find the differences exciting and fun, but some do find that it adds more stress to the already demanding medical school curriculum.

After 6 years, students graduate as basisartsen (comparable to Doctors of Medicine ). As a result of the Bologna process , medical students in the Netherlands now receive a bachelor’s degree after three years in medical school and a master’s degree upon graduation.

Yes, as far as I know, you would need to study at a US undergrad/post-baccalaureate institution for at least 2-3 years before applying for a US medical school – but you should try to contact the specific schools you would potentially like to apply for to see if they have a different policy!medical school

Comments from the leaders of those schools, unsurprisingly, tended to disparage the study and its methods, and to assert, essentially, that our school does well on all of its missions.” If those missions include the social missions of meeting the health needs of the American people by producing minority and primary care physicians, and those that practice in underserved areas, they clearly do not.medical schoolmedical school