Top Medical Schools

Becoming a doctor is regarded in most societies as being perhaps the most noble of wealthy professions. The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and the University of Limerick were the first medical institutions to offer Graduate Entry Medicine of four years in duration in the Ireland This is now also offered in University College Dublin and University College Cork.medical school

In Croatia , there are four out of seven universities that offer a medical degree, the University of Zagreb (offers medical studies in English), University of Rijeka , University of Split (also offers medical studies in English), and the University of Osijek The Medical schools are a faculties of those four universities.

Rising tuition costs, decreasing physician salaries, a troubled medical system, and increased costs of malpractice insurance are all factors that have affected recent applicant pools, and they are leading many prospective students to reconsider medical careers.medical school

In order to attend further studies( Surgery, Internal medicine, G/OB, Pediatrics, Psychiatry), the students in the year of Social service or graduates of any Salvadorian university must apply independently for the residency to the hospital of choice; the preliminary selection process is based on the results of clinical knowledge tests, followed by psychiatric evaluations and interviews with the hospital medical and administrative staff.medical school

In general, the GPA, the MCAT scores, the application material, the recommendation letters (written by faculty, physicians or managers who have interacted with the applicant in co-curricular activities), and personal interview are the main areas used by admission committees to evaluate candidates.