Understanding Panels

Utilizing Solar Energy

Energy obtained from the sun is solar energy this type of energy has been used over the time since the ancient times it was used to dry or cook and simply maintaining the heat. The solar energy this day is used to generate heat in remote areas where other sources of energy are rarely able to produce the energy.

Solar energy is cheap hence it is used in space and it is also used in other means of mechanism compared to other sources of energy like coal and oil. Solar energy can be trapped the light energy from the sun is converted into heat energy and used to cook food

There are many uses for solar energy this includes generating the electricity it can generate electricity by storing the energy in solar cells or even the use of heat engines.The solar cells convert the solar radiation to direct electricity while the heat engine converts the heat energy to the mechanical energy that generates the electricity.

Energy from the sun can be consumed in different manners first energy from the sun reaches the earth's atmosphere as a solar radiation which reaches to us as light energy the light energy is taken by the plants and converted into chemical energy through photosynthesis, at the end of the day we end up consuming this type of energy through various means you can consume the energy as food or by burning the plants as wood to generate heat.

There are many means of technology that have been used to utilize and optimize the electricity this include photovoltaic and the concentrated solar power the concentrated solar power converts light energy by having to use lenses that focus huge spaces of light into a small team while the photovoltaic use photoelectric effect on generating electricity.
Solar cookers are cheap means of cooking unlike the use of other fuels like gas and coal this method of cooking uses solar energy to generate heat which is then used to heat the food there are different ways to make the solar cookers this depends on the type of fluids you want to be used they can be either liquid or air.

The other device that uses the solar energy is the solar cell the solar cell converts the light energy to electric energy this type of energy is used in areas that are remote and can't afford the normal type of energy, this type of energy is also used in items that don't require a lot of energy but need the energy to sustain them like calculators and wrist watches.

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