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Video Tutorial Production Studios

Like other functions it would be more advantageous if you have a dedicated space in your place of business to shoot videos rather than shooting it one the actual setting or in the middle of an office. This is also true when shooting videos in a conference room where you will have no control over lighting and the ambient noise that goes on in that room.

However, since conference rooms are specially designed as a function hall, it would be adequate to turn them into a studio for video taking.

Here are ways that you can make your conference room into a perfect video production studio. There are tricks which can help you make an outstanding production out of the normal.
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It is important to set up a backdrop instead of shooting your subject on a prearranged background because it will create a cool production. It is preferable to shoot your subject in front of a solid colored background.
3 Experts Tips from Someone With Experience

Also it is important to be fastidious about what color to use since filming against an off-white wall looks pretty boring, and can lead to a nasty glare and a foul reflection. What you can do is get a roll of seamless paper from a photography supply store. You can choose any color for that. In order not to compete with your subject’s color tone or the clothes that he wears, it is good to choose neutral colors. To put up the paper you can either use stands or simply tape it on the wall.

Another thing that you need to take particular attention is not to rely on those overhead lights in the room since this tends to create an obnoxious shadow on your subject’s face. It is also not advisable to open up with windows to let the natural light in because sunlight changes throughout the day and it will be difficult to create a consistent look in your video.

The best thing to do is to turn off the overhead lights and block the sunlight so that you can use your own video lighting.

You don’t need those fancy lights to get a good image. However, three well-placed lights should get you just the amount of light that you need.

If you film in an empty room it creates distracting echoes just like when you speak inside the bathroom. This can be fixed by using sound dampening panes to deaden up the room. To absorb high pitched sounds you can put thick rugs or thick curtains if the room is not carpeted but use floor tiles.

The above guide will ensure that the video production you will create out of that converted conference room will give you the best video production you can make.