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How to Pick the Right Recumbent Bike for You Today, there are many variations of recumbent bikes and tricycles. Everyone can find their own best recumbent bike on the basis of style, weight, comfort, and cost. Considering the factors discussed here can help you identify the right recumbent bike. Price may be the first thing you want to look at when picking a recumbent bike. There’s an affordable recumbent bike going for $500, but when you want a top of the range item, there are bikes selling at $7000 or more. The higher the price of the bike is, the better the features you get are, including light weight, superior suspension, out of the ordinary materials, as well as space age components. Riding style is also an important consideration because the design of recumbent bikes takes into account performance, comfort, or a compromise of the two. You may opt for low racers or quasi-low racers if you’re a speed freak and are not bothered by heavy traffic, because these bikes offer excellent aerodynamics. A higher racer would be great for speed, uphill riding, and riding in heavy traffic areas because it offers a more visible position and efficient drivetrain.
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But the rider will need a higher skill level on a bike with a higher bottom bracket and more seat recline. If the simplicity of riding a certain model matters to you, then you have to take that into account prior to buying.
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If you’re concerned about balancing, you may find a recumbent tricycle to be ideal for you. The trikes go slower than recumbent bikes, however. It’s essential that you think about your weight and height too. If you’re a shorter cycler, you may enjoy the comfort of a recumbent bike with a lower seat height because it’s got a smaller front wheel. On the other hand, taller riders don’t have trouble with most recumbent heights. If you experience circulatory complications or are overweight, your options include a longer wheelbase recumbent that has a lower bottom bracket. When you don’t have these complications, and you don’t mind a sporty bike, a recumbent that has a shorter wheelbase may be perfect. For persons with circulatory disorders in their arms, under seat steering may be the best. If that’s not a problem for you, pick an above steering recumbent bike as it boasts excellent aerodynamics. Consider fitness goals too. When you’re aiming at getting fit, select a bike designed for performance. When you’re in search of the best recumbent bike, ascertain that you first research about it, then subject it to numerous test rides. The good thing about these bikes is that they come in an array of designs to deliver the speed, performance, and comfort every rider wants.